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Weekly CG Challenge #105 “Treasure” winner announced

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Congrats to the three winners of the #105 “Treasure” challenge: Khaled Bouhedadja, Thomas Berard and Rizal Rizfani. Enjoy a free annual license of VR-Plugin for Autodesk Maya.   1st place by Khaled Bouhedadja‎ Beautifully modeled [...]

VR-Plugin is proud to be one of the sponsors of weeklycgchallenge

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We are very proud to be part of the sponsors of the Weekly CG Challenge They provide a new topic every two weeks (posted Mondays) and you can either do a digital 3D or 2D work. [...]

VR-Plugin 5.3 out now with 30 day trial

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please use the following link download the latest update of VR-Plugin for Autodesk Maya: After installing the software, you will find the manual on your Desktop and also C:\Users\User\Documents\maya\2017\scripts\VR-Plugin folder. Feel free to contact [...]

Use speech commands to control Maya in Virtual Reality

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We came across this video that shows using Windows Speech Recognition Macros to control Maya. This turned out to be a great way to use Maya and our UI in Virtual Reality. Please check out [...]

Developer Contest – Maya VR hand controller madness

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VR-Plugin is proud to announce our latest feature preview - VR hand controllers! We want you to create your own ideas with Maya and share them with the VR community. "Use Maya to create a [...]

VR-Plugin and Craft Director Tools compatibility test

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VR-Plugin compatibility tests with Craft Director Tools ( for Autodesk Maya 2017 work just great. First person driving, flying and using the pre-rigged models for Virtual Reality is amazing. You need to try it out yourself

Manual VR-Plugin Hotfix for Maya 2017 Update 3

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Manual Hotfix for Maya 2017 Update 3   Please change the following line in the in your Documents/Maya/2017/scripts folder. From: To:   This fix will disable the docking feature of the UI, that was causing [...]

Journey to VR: Friday Favorite – Maya to the Vive

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Daryl Obert walks through this first VR tutorial and shows the implementation of the latest VR-Plugin beta into Autodesk Maya 2017. We are very happy about this nice feature, thanks Autodesk.

Version 5.1 Update

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Transform your work into #VR without requiring any programing skills. VR-Plugin for Autodesk Maya version 5.1 update:     * Maya 2016.5 support     * Fixes HTC Vive update bug

VR-Plugin is proud to be sponsor of the CGSociety Challenge

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VR-Plugin for Autodesk Maya special edition with 3DWorld and cmiVFX

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Jump into Virtual Reality with Autodesk Maya. Free VR-Plugin special edition included in the latest 3D World edition together with an VR tutorial. You can use VR-Plugin to do multiple tasks in VR. The software helps [...]

VR-Plugin 5.0 Update ready for Download

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Thanks to our friends at cgchannel to spread the word. VR-Plugin releases version 5.0

VR-Plugin 5.0 available

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Features: -HTC Vive support -Latest Oculus Rift Runtime 1.3.2 -Build in VR-Desktop (supports even multiple 4K monitors) -Gamepad movement -New UI -Improved overall speed and stability

NVIDIA Powers Virtual Reality

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Our tech plays a central role in pushing forward state-of-the-art VR. We are looking forward into a great future of Virtual Worlds. It will take some time to arrive in every livingroom, but this time [...]

Oculus Rift is Shipping

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Rift deliveries begin today, shipping to more than 20 countries and regions! This is a historic moment – soon people all over the world will be experiencing fully-immersive VR in their own homes.

HTC Vive pre will be soon part of the VR-PlugIn for Autodesk Maya.

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HTC Vive - soon to be part of the VR-PlugIn for Autodesk Maya. The hardware looks very promising so far and we love the hand controllers!!

Version 4.6.3 Update is ready for download

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Version 4.6.3 Update is ready for download. We did some minor adjustments to the software and also added the possibility of connecting via http proxy to the authentification server. Please refer to the documentation in [...]

Support us on by spending some heat!

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Support us on by spending some heat!

Get your copy of in the Autodesk App-Store

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Get your copy of in the Autodesk App-Store. Just follow this link: | Maya | Autodesk App Store

CV1 Preorder Confirmation

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We just got the confirmation of our Oculus Rift CV1 order! Order Number: 613000025004xx : ))))))