VR-Plugin is proud to announce our latest feature preview – VR hand controllers!

We want you to create your own ideas with Maya and share them with the VR community.

“Use Maya to create a use case connected with the VR-Plugin hand controllers.”

There are tons of cool cases like doodle and painting, animation, motion capturing available.
Please send us your pitch via email and apply for a community license with beta access. No purchase necessary!
We are looking forward to see great VR demos


Following attributes are available:
(some more contact buttons and rumble options will follow later)
# The main HMD Node is called VRpluginDevice1 it delivers the time
VRpluginDevice1.time (float)
VRpluginDevice1.recordFrame (integer)
# The first handcontroller Node is called VRpluginLocator1 the second VRpluginLocator2 …
VRpluginLocator1.translate (float)
VRpluginLocator1.rotate (float)
VRpluginLocator1.trigger [0;1]
VRpluginLocator1.thumbX  [-1;1]
VRpluginLocator1.thumbY  [-1;1]
VRpluginLocator1.thumbZ  [0;1]      thumbstick – press
VRpluginLocator1.buttonA [0;1]
VRpluginLocator1.buttonB  [0;1]
VRpluginLocator1.grip [0;1]